Fikir from Ethiopia <3

My computer is full and acting very weird, but I think it because its full to capacity! Not allowing me to function properly when uploading and using safari! Until then, enjoy this little cutie(:

First Home visit!

Hey guys! Long time no see! We have sooooo much to ketch up on, but I’ve been at the academy for almost a week (6 days & Ethiopia a total of 26 days) and I had my very first home visit today! 

Debre Zeyit is TOTALLY different from Addis! Its a lot more chill, and a lot less people! I haven’t gone too far from the guest house & school for exploring, but I haven’t seen any beggars, and guys don’t CONSISTENTLY whistle & hit on you.

Anyways, this morning I had my first home visit!!! And of course it was my favorite…..

BEREKET! Lol I LOVE HER, She is my FAVORITE!!!! (Shhhh). She is the cutest, tiniest little four year old ever!

During the home visit, we talked to her mom and checked in how she is doing. Making sure she has a good appetite, and maintaining a balanced nutritious diet! Unfortunately she had to miss school yesterday because of stomach issues, but we were able to pinpoint the cause which was unclean water. The family ran out of filtered water, but she was all smiles today :)

Also, I was able to bless her with a bunch of clothes as well…and of course everyone’s favorite….BUBBLE GUM. Lol she loved it! and kept going through all the clothes!

Here are few photos Bereket & her beautiful mother!

A special shout out to Juanita, Kalome & Kailaya Montgomery for donating a HUGE portion of clothes. Also Smash Beauty (Ash-lee Jackson) with #AskSeekKnock, for donating the “Psalm 139:14, I Am Not A Mistake” T-shirts. 

P.s I just finished editing a video of my first week at BCI, I should be posting tomorrow if time & wifi permits! :) lol stay tuned.

Here is just a mini clip of the Ford School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! The children were so cute!

Made It to Ethiopia!

Heyyy Guys! Long time no see! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I made to…..

Yes after 14 hours, and over 7k miles! I made it & made it safely! I have actually been here for about a week….And I LOVE IT!!

I got to volunteer at “The Ford School” for only a couple hours, but it was pretty awesome (can you find me in the picture above?)! I was a nervous at first, but the children seem to  really enjoy me & kept asking about my background. It kinda funny that “African American” is a foreign concept for them. After going through a few periods of 5th & 6th graders, we had free time and I got to see most the kids pre-K through 8th grade.

This is Anna, I was sitting on the stairs and she just came up to me and laid her head on my shoulder. Lol my heart melted! I’ll be posting a couple cute videos in a separate post!

Also, I was fortunate enough to tour both the beautiful African Union & The US embassy! The AU was soooo beautiful and BIG!

*I have sooo much more to say, and I’ll be posting later, but Its pretty late (we are 7hrs ahead) and I have church in the morning! *Cues Praise break*

BUT if you want to keep in contact with me, download this app called “Viber”.

This app is available on both iOS (Phones & Macs) and Andriod systems. Its completely free if you have wifi, but you’re able to text and/or call me! Although Im not sure how frequent my wifi availability will be, you can still write me on FB or twitter! I also update my instagram pretty frequently (@NapturalGirl).

Thanks!!! I’ll be posting more shortly, God willing! I love y’all!

Ps I’m still accepting donations at .

the worst feeling in the world is to know you were used and lied to by someone you trusted


Beautiful picture of a queen n her princess


Omw 2 Africa brb! #ethiopiabound #ethiopia


😳 surreal moment right now.

Computer is back… Now time to pack!

Hey Guys! Sorry for not updating you’ll but again my computer was getting repaired. BUT she is fixed now!

I’ve been keeping busy with quite a few photo shoots recently! Here are a few…





*Gets back on topic* With only a few days until I hit the airplane…All that is left is to finish up packing. I received and abundance of clothes donated, so much so that I cannot receive any more! Once I find an appropriate bag big enough those clothes will be ready!

Thanks for your patience and support! xoxox…..and oh yea…



Hey Guys! Sorry its been like forever! I’ve been having computer problems again “/.


I leave May 24th!!! I will be in Ethiopia until July 24th.

I have an extra 50lbs bag in which I am collecting donations, ALL sizes from newborn- adult sizes!! If you have any clothes that’d you would like to donate please text, inbox, or email me at:

Thanks for all your support! I am still collecting donations at . There is still a lot to be done! Thanks again.

As promised….Poetry!
This poem is called Dear Ethiopia: The Reconnect

I was honored to perform the this poem on April 11th, at The Ohio State University’s annual event Educating the Horn put on by the Ethiopian & Eritrean Student Organization collaborating with the Somali Student Association.  

Please Ignore the breaks & facial expressions, still working on my performance skills! lol Thank you & Enjoy :)

Praise Report!!!

Remember last month when I posted about applying for a scholarship? Well Praise God I am one out of three recipients of the $1,000 scholarship!

Jehovah Jireh has provided yet another miracle! I am soo excited and sooo happy! Praise Jesus!

Here is just a photo of a couple of cuties I’ll meet this summer :)

Thanks for all who prayed!

Dear Ethiopia ❤ turned 1 today!

Awee, this day last year I started my long journey and created my Dear Ethiopia blog!!! It wasn’t until many months later through patience & prayer I opened it up to the public! Great News, I am excited to go on my internship, the date is set for me to depart May 25th  (Although I cannot by my ticket until May 1st). I found out Tuesday if I am one of the recipients to receive the “Blessing The Children International” $1K scholarship.

Also, I was elected as Secretary for the Ethiopia & Eritrean Student Organization (EESO) at OSU for the 2014-2015 school year! Thank you for all those who voted & prayed for me :) greatly appreciated! Elections were definitely competitive and tough because everyone did exceptionally well!

& Congrats to all of E-Board, I look forward to working with you all:

President: Kurubel Belay 
Vice President: Mical Yohannes 
Treasurer: Metzlal Ocbazghi 
Secretary: Camille Whyte-Henry 
Social Chair: Bilen Berhane 
Public Relations: Solomon Ayelew 

Vote Camille: Secretary for the Ethiopian & Eritrean Student Org

Camille (Jael) Whyte
The Ohio State University ‘16
Criminology | Major
Somali | Minor
College of Arts & Sciences 
Hello friends, I am running for secretary position on the Ethiopian & Eritrean Student Organization at The Ohio State University. As stated in the mission statement “The purpose of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Organization is to provide a space where students of Ethiopian and/or Eritrean descent -and those interested in the cultures of the two countries-can come together in hopes of meeting their academic, cultural, and social needs.”
Voting me for secretary I will assist EESO’s vision in promoting and maintaining cultural awareness of Ethiopia and Eritrea on the campus community. Coming from both Ethiopian & African American decent, I would like to draw a diverse body from the community into our bi-weekly meetings. With emails, an accurate record of members, assisting and planning events, I understand and hope to fulfill the role of your next secretary!
Thank you for your time and remember "Keep it real & vote Camille" :).